Anthology Film Archives


Anger, Kenneth
Rabbit’s Moon (1972) at Cinema Arts

B., Beth and Scott
Letters to Dad (1978) at Cineric
The Black Box (1978) at Cineric

Baillie, Bruce
Here I Am (1962) at Monaco Lab
Valentin de las Sierras (1968)

Berman, Wallace
Aleph (1956-66)
Artifactual: Films from the Wallace Berman Collection (assembled 2007)

Bolotowsky, Ilya
Hommage a D (c. 1955) at Cineric
Subway (c. 1959) at Cineric
Judson Dance Party (c. 1961) at Cineric

Bourke-White, Margaret
Eyes on Russia (1934) at WRS

Brakhage, Stan
Reflections on Black (1955)
The Way to Shadow Garden (1955)
Anticipation of the Night (1958)
Window Water Baby Moving (1959)
Mothlight (1963)
Eyes (1970)
Deus Ex (1971)
The Act of seeing with one’s own eyes (1971)
The Sexual Meditation Series (1970-73)
The Text of Light (1974)
Short Films 1975, #1-10 (1975)
Creation (1979)
The Roman Numeral Series, I-IX (1979-80)
The Arabic Numeral Series 1-19 (1980-81)
4A (1981)
all at The CinemaLab

Breer, Robert
Form Phases I (1952)
Form Phases II (1953)
Form Phases III (1954)
Form Phases IV (1956)
Un Miracle (1954)
Recreation (1956)
Motion Pictures No. 1 (1956)
Jamestown Baloos (1957)
A Man and His Dog Out for Air (1957)
Le Mouvement (1957)
Eyewash (1959) – both versions
Blazes (1961)
Breathing (1963)
Fist Fight (1964)
66 (1966)
69 (1969)
70 (1971)
77 (1970)
Fuji (1974)
Swiss Army Knife with Rat and Pigeon (1981)
Bang! (1986)
all at Colorlab

Brooks, David
The Wind Is Driving Him Towards the Open Sea (1968) at WRS
Roland Kirk at Cineric
Jerry (1963) at Cineric
Letter to D.H. in Paris (1967) at Cineric
Red Cap at Cineric
Eel Creek (1968) at Cineric

Bruguiere, Francis
Light Rhythms (1930) at Cineric

Bute, Mary Ellen
Rhythm In Light(1934) at Cinema Arts
Synchrony #2  (1935) at Cinema Arts
Synchrony #4 at Cinema Arts
Universal Clip at Cinema Arts
Spook Sport (1939) at Cineric
Polka Graph (1947) at Cineric
Color Rhapsodie (1948) at Cineric
Abstronic (1952) at Cineric

Clarke, Shirley
Bridges Go Round (1958) Cinema Arts
Brussels Loops (1958)
24 Frames Per Second (1977)
Conner, Bruce (all at Film Technology and Cineric)
Cosmic Ray (1961)
Ten Second Film (1965)
Report (1967)
Mea Culpa (1981)
America Is Waiting (1981)
Conrad, Tony (all at Cineric, 2005)
The Flicker (1966)
Straight and Narrow (1970)
Film Feedback (1974)

Cornell, Joseph (all at John Allen Lab, 1970s/80s)
Rose Hobart (1939)
Centuries of June (1955)
Cotillion (1940s-69)
Midnight Party (1940s-68)
Children’s Party (1940s-68)
Aviary (1955)
Gnir Rednow (1955)
Nymphlight (c. 1957)
A Legend for Fountains (1970)
Angel (1957)
Flushing Meadow (1970)
Boy’s Games
Lonely Fountain
Collage# 36
By Night With Torch and Spear
New York-Rome-Barcelona-Brussels
Vaudeville De-Luxe
What Mozart Saw on Mulberry Street (ca. 1957)
Joanne, Union Square (1955)
Cloches A Travers Les Feuilles (ca. 1957)
Children (ca. 1957)

Crockwell, Douglass
Glens Falls Sequence (1946)
The Long Bodies (1949)

Crossroads (Pittsburgh) Project (most preserved, 2004, at Cineric)
The Room; A Birthday; The Homecoming; Self Portrait ‘72; A Song of Rosemary, by Greg Gans (all early 1970s)
Dreem Theeme by Charles Glassmire  (1970)
Self Portrait of a Nude Model Turned Cinematographer by Sharon Rupert (1972)
Emanant Domain by Al Mahler (1978)
Evil Knivel by J.T. Vale (1974) 
Davis, Jim (most at Western Cinema Lab, 1990s/2000s)
Light Reflections (1948/52)
Jersey Fall (1949)
Taliesin-East (1950)
Taliesin-West (1950)
Pertaining to Marin (1950)
Paintings--The Path of Motion (1950)
Paintings--Landscapes (1950)
Through the Looking Glass (1953)
Becoming (1955)
Writ in Water (1955)
Let There Be Light (1956)
Energies (1957)
Impulses/Processes (1959)
A Dream of Space (1959)
Death & Transfiguration (1961)
Fantastic Dances (1962?)
Fathomless (1964)
Sea Rhythms (1971)
Red Dancer (1970?) at Cineric

De Hirsch, Storm
And Send my Love to the Wind
Charlotte Moorman’s Avant Garde Festival #9
Cruger’s Landing
Deep In the Mirror Embedded
Hello Tree
Ive’s House
Lace of Summer
Malevich At the Guggenheim
Newesreel: Jonas In the Brig
Peyote Queen
A Reticule Of Love
September Express
Silently Bearing Totem Of A Bird
Swan’s Way
Third Eye Butterfly
Cayuga Run (1963)
Divinations (1964) at Cineric (c. 2001)
Hudson River Diary  at Grandiew (1970)
Guger’s Landing (1971)
River Ghost (1973)
Wintergarden (1973)

Deren, Maya (at John Allen Lab, 1970s, except as noted)
Meshes of the Afternoon (1943)
At Land (1944)
A Study in Choreography for Camera (1945)
Ritual In Transfigured Time (1946)
Meditation on Violence (1948) at Cineric, in 35 mm (2006)
Ensemble for Somnambulists (1951) at WRS (1998)
The Very Eye of Night (1959)

Downey, Robert
Babo 73 (1964)
Chafed Elbows (1965)
No More Excuses (1968)

Emshwiller, Ed  (most at Film Technology Lab, c. 1999)
Transformation (1959) at WRS (c. 1994)
Thanatopsis (1962) at WRS (c. 1993)
George Dumpson’s Place (1965)
Relativity (1966)

Flux Film Anthology—41 separate works (1960s-70s) at John Allen Lab (c. 1993)

Frampton, Hollis
The seven film series “Hapax Legomena” (with the Museum of Modern Art):
Poetic Justice
Critical Mass
Travelling Matte
Ordinary Matter
Remote Control
Special Effects

Grant, Dwinell (at Cinema Arts)
Composition 1, Themis (1940)
Composition 2, Contrathemis (1941)
Abstract Experiments (1941-42)
Composition 3, Spelean dance (1942)
Color Sequence (1943)
Composition 4: Three Themes in Variation (1945)
Composition 5, Fugue (1949)

Grauer, Victor
Archangel (1966); (shared preservation costs with Grauer)

Greenfield, Amy
For God While Sleeping (1970)
Transport (1971) at WRS (1998)
Dirt (1971) (at WRS 1998)
Element (1973) at Western Cinemalab (c. 2002)

Gutman, Walter
Trisha Brown (1971)

Hammid, Alexander  (at Cinema Arts)
Meshes of the Afternoon (1943)
The Highway Sings (1937)
The Private Life of a Cat (1945)
Aimless Walk (1930)
Prague Castle (1932)
Harris, Hilary
Longhorns (1951) at Western Cinemalab (c. 2004)
Highway (1958) at WRS (c. 1999)
Nine Variations on a Dance Theme (1966) at Cineric (1998)
Organism (1975) at Cineric (1998)

Heliczer, Piero
Joan of Arc
The Autumn Feast

Hill, Jerome (Cinema Arts)
Tom Jones (1920s, partial)
Albert Schweitzer (1957)

Jacobs, Ken
The Whirled (1963)
Blonde Cobra (1963)

Jacobs, Lewis
Footnote to Fact (1933)

Joffen, Jerry
Rituals and Demonstrations (at Cinema Arts)

Jordan, Lawrence (Monaco Lab, 2003-2006)
Morningame (1953)
The Child’s Hand (1954)
Undertow (1956)
Waterlight (1957)
The Soccer Game (1959)
Hymn In Praise of the Sun (1960)
Portrait of Sharon (1960)
The Season’s Changes (1960)
The Left Eyebrow of the Hermit (1960)
The 40 and 1 Nights (1962)
Shomio (1963)
Enid’s Idyl (1963)
Johnnie (1963)
Dream Merchant (1964)
Ein Traum Der Liebenden (1964)
Jewel Face (1964)
Rodia-Estudiantina (1966)
The Old House Passing (1966)
Living Is Dying (1970)
Plainsong (1973)
Orb (1973)
Once Upon A Time (1974)
Cut-Out Animation (1977)
Ancestors (1978)
Finds of the Fortenight (1980)
The Apparition (1976)

Kaye, Stanton
Georg (1964) (Cinema Arts)

Kubelka, Peter
Usere Afrikareise (1966) Cinema Arts

Kuchar Brothers  (all 8 mm enlarged to 16 mm
(late 1950s/early 1960s)  (Cineric)
The Slasher
The Thief and the Stripper
I Was a Teenage Rumpot
Born of the Wind
Women Distressed
Night of the Bomb
Confessions of Babette
Town Called Tempest
Anita Needs Me
Sylvia’s Promise
The Naked and the Nude
Early 8 mm shorts
Pussy on a Hoat Tin Roof
Mountain Vacations
Tootsies in Autumn
Lust for Ecstasy
Lovers of  Eternity

Lambert, Gavin
Another Sky (1957) at WRS (1998)

Landow, George
Five 8 mm Films (preserved on 16 mm by Cineric, 1999)
Fleming Faloon (1964)
Wide Angle Saxon (1975)

Lee, Francis
Idyl (1947) 11 minutes (at Cinema Arts)
1941 (1941) 7 minutes
Le Bijou (1946) at Cinema Arts

Leslie, Alfred
The Last Clean Shirt (1964) at Cinema Arts
Levine, Saul (BB Optics) 
Note to Pati (1969)
The Big Stick/An Old Reel (1973)
Note to Colleen (1974)
New Left Note (1982)

Levitt, Helen
In the Street (1952) at Cinema Arts
Maclaine, Christopher (all but one at Cinema Arts)
The End (1953) at Cineric (1994
The Man Who Invented Gold (1957)
Beat (1958)
Scotch Hop (1959)

Maas, Willard
Geography of the Body (1943) at Triage (2004)
Image in the Snow (1950) at Triage  (2005)
Narcissus (1967)

Manupelli, George
Dr. Chicago (1970)
Cry Dr. Chicago (1970)

Menken, Marie
Glimpse of the Garden (1957) Cinema Arts
Hurry! Hurry! (1957) Cinema Arts
For Leo Castelli
Lita’s Party
Party at Montague Street
Untitled films with Warhol/Malanga and Adele on the Roof
Arabesque for Kenneth Anger (1961)
The Gravediggers of Guadix (1961)
Go! Go! Go! (1963)
Notebook (1962-63
Andy Warhol (1965)
Lights (1965)

Mead, Taylor
(all at Cineric)
My Home Movies (1964)
Home Movies – Rome/Florence/Venice/Greece (1965)
Home Movies/N.Y.C. to San Diego (1968)

Mekas, Jonas
Film Magazine of the Arts (1963)
Award Presentation to Andy Warhol (1964)
The Song of Avila (1965)
Hare Krishna (1966)
Notes on the Circus (1966)
Report from Millbrook (1966)
Casis (1966)
The Song of Avila (1965)
The Song of Italy (1967)
In Between (1968)
Time & Fortune Vietnam Newsreel (1968)
The Song of Moscow (1970)
Lost Lost Lost (1976) at Cineric (2004)
Notes for Jerome (1978)
Erick Hawkings (1983)
Cup/Saucer/Two Dancers/Radio (1983)
Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania (1972)

Munari, Bruno
Scacco Matto  Cinema Arts

Peterson, Sidney
Mr. Frenhoffer and the Minotaur (1949)
The Lead Shoes (1949) (in progress, 2010)

Rice, Ron
The Flower Thief (1960)
Senseless (1962)
Chumlum (1964)
The Queen of Sheba Meets the Atom Man (1963/82) Cinema Arts (1982)

Rogosin, Lionel (preserved with Cineteca di Bologna)
On the Bowery (1957)
Come Back, Africa (1959)

Rubin, Barbara
Christmas on Earth (1963)
Untitled, Two Rolls (1964)
Schneemann, Carolee
Fuses (1968)  Cineric (2006)
Kitch’s Last Meal (c. 1974)
Sharits, Paul
T:O:U:C:H:I:N:G (1968)
N,O,T,H,I,N,G (1968)
Peace Mandala/End War (1966)
Word Movie (1966)
Ray Gun Virus (1966)
Razor Blades (1968)
Tails (1976)
Declarative Mode (1976)
Bad Burns (1982)
Apparent Motion (1975)
Third Degree (1982)
Epileptic Seizure Comparison (1976)
Vertical Contiguity
Analytical Studies I: The Film Frame (1976)
Analytical Studies II: The Un-Framed Lines (1976)

Sheeler, Charles and Strand, Paul
Manhatta (1921), DTS, 2008

Smith, Harry
Early Abstractions  (1946-57) Cinema Arts
Mirror Animations (1957)
Heaven and Earth Magic (1961) Cineric
Late Superimpositions (1964)
Oz, The Tin Woodmanís Dream (1967)
Approach to the Emerald City, Cinema Arts
Kaleidoscope, Cinema Arts
Mahagonny (1970/80) at Cineric (2003)
Film No. 23

Snow, Michael (all at Cinema Arts)
A to Z (1956)
Short Shave (1965)
Back and Forth (1969)

Socin, Jay
Poems (1963)
Happy Death (with Gregory Corso) (c. 1960)

Soltero, Jose Rodriguez
Jerovi (1965)
Lupe (1966)

Sonbert, Warren
Carriage Trade (1972)

Steiner, Ralph
H20 (1929)
Surf & Seaweed (1930)
Mechanical Principles (1931) at Cineric (2005)
Hands (1934) made with Willard Van Dyke
Look Park (1974) at WRS (1998)
Hurrah For Light (1975) at WRS (1998)

Thompson, Francis
NY, NY (1957) at Cineric (2004)

Unseen Cinema Film Package (all at Cineric)
New negatives for 78 different pre-1941 films
(ref. Unseen Cinema catalog)

Vanderbeek, Stan
Astral Man (1957)
A La Mode (1958)
Newsreel of Dreams (c. 1961) at Western Cinema Lab
Film Form No. 1 (1970) Cineric (preserved with the Whitney Museum of American Art)
Vehr, Bill
Avocada (1966) at DuArt (1989)

Vesely, Herbert
Nicht Mehr Fliehen (No More Fleeing) (1955) at Cineric (1994)

Warhol, Andy
Eat (1963) Cinema Arts

Week of the Angry Arts
For Life Against the War (1967) at WRS (1995)

Wieland, Joyce
Sailboat (1967) at Cinema Arts

Wilson, Robert
Overture for KA MOUNTAIN
GUARDenia TERRACE (1972) (with NY Public Library in 2005)

Wisniewski, Ray
Doomshow (c. 1960) at Cinema Arts

Young, Christopher
Object Lesson (1941) at Cinema Arts