Anthology Film Archives

Anthology Film Archives may be best known to the public at large for our film exhibition program, but our extensive archival collections represent a crucially important part of our activities and mission. Anthology holds one of the world’s most extensive and invaluable collections of avant-garde films and videos, housing, protecting, and preserving works on 35mm, 16mm, and Regular- and Super-8mm film, and on various video formats, as well as film stills and audio recordings. And Anthology’s reference library boasts the world’s largest collection of paper materials relating to independent and experimental cinema, encompassing books, periodicals, documents, letters, manuscripts, and more. Taken together, these collections constitute an unparalleled treasure-trove of materials relating to avant-garde filmmaking, qualifying Anthology as one of the most important centers for the preservation and study of this realm of cinema.

It is our goal to place many collection materials online; we will be launching an online collections website section soon. For now we present a few video and audio selections from the collections.