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Anthology Film Archives was conceived as a unique theater where a select group of films – chosen by a panel of poets, scholars and film-makers – was presented to the public, on a repeating basis, quickly becoming one of the first "cinema museums."

Each of the three hundred films in our Essential Cinema collection either marks a milestone in the evolution of cinema or a special achievement of personal expression. They are monuments of cinematic art. Anthology has also saved tens of thousands of films from disposal and disintegration, principally by housing materials in our historic East Village Courthouse building.

We have been steadfastly committed to the preservation and exhibition of work by the most important American independent and experimental filmmakers of the last half-century. Films preserved by Anthology include those of Stan Brakhage, Joseph Cornell, Maya Deren, Bruce Baillie, Jordan Belson, Paul Sharits and Harry Smith, among others.

We also provide a space for the presentation of a vast array of contemporary and classical work that otherwise has limited exposure. For us, the value of cinematic art is always realized through a combination of presentation and preservation; restricting efforts to one or the other can only lead to disappearance. Because of this, our ongoing development is geared to refining both our archival and exhibition spaces.Your involvement at this time is critically important, both to Anthology and to the films you will help to save through your support.

There are many ways you can participate, ranging from a variety of membership opportunities to more specialized contribution packages.

Donor Membership: $250 allows you to attend all Anthology programs at no cost, as well as attend Donor screenings of recently preserved works in the presence of the filmmakers. Preservation projects in 2004 include works by Taylor Mead, George and Mike Kuchar, and Larry Jordan.

Preservation Donor: $1,000 Includes privileges of Donor Membership as well as your own name plate on a New Seat in Anthology’s Courthouse Theater; and a special acknowledgment at our annual Preservation Honors dinner.

Archival Donor: $3,000 Includes privileges of Donor Membership, credit listing and your own personal copy of limited edition 16mm Stan Brakhage film, 4A.

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