Anthology Film Archives

Specifications for video file exhibition

1. Technical Specifications
File format:                
Quicktime/MP4-wrapped H.264 (Ex. “”)
Note: We cannot take video files encoded as ProRes or H.265

1920 x 1080 (16:9).
Note: 4:3 works can be delivered as is or in a 16:9 container with pillar-boxing.

Color Space:             
Rec. 709 (HDTV, broadcast-safe)


Note: De-interlacing should be applied to all standard-definition works originally intended for analog broadcast television systems and interlaced display devices, such as CRT monitors.

MONO or STEREO (mixed) tracks

Data rate:
640 kbps (minimum)
175 mbps (recommended maximum)

File size is limited to 
15 Gigabytes (15GB).

Hard drive formatting: HFS Plus (Mac OS Extended) preferred

2. Presentation Leader 
A minimum of 5 seconds of black leader before the first image and/or sound. Additionally, a minimum of 5 seconds of black leader must be placed after the last image and/or sound element.

3. File Naming Conventions / Labeling
All exhibition files should be well organized and labeled correctly so that they are identifiable and accessible to Anthology staff. Use underscores instead of periods or spaces and avoid using special characters in the file name. Please label any external hard drives with its contents and the date(s) of exhibition.

UPDATED MAY 23, 2023