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July 3 – July 10

This past April, Anthology presented a series entitled “Quebec-Core,” which unearthed a variety of cinematic gems – most virtually unknown south of the border – made in Quebec, primarily in the 1970s-80s. One of the revelations of that series was Denys Arcand’s DIRTY MONEY (1972), a shockingly coal-dark crime film from a filmmaker better known for his comparatively crowd-pleasing later films (THE DECLINE OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE, JESUS OF MONTREAL, THE BARBARIAN INVASIONS). A bracingly unsentimental chronicle of greed and betrayal that’s reminiscent of Jean-Pierre Melville in its minimalist approach to genre and impressive stylistic command, yet deeply rooted in the landscapes and temperament of provincial Quebec, DIRTY MONEY is an under-recognized neo-noir classic. It was also the first in an informal trilogy of crime films that marked the beginning of Arcand’s fiction filmmaking career (following a series of short documentaries). Together with RÉJEANNE PADOVANI (1973), which centers on a group of corrupt politicians and mafiosi, and GINA (1975), which depicts the bloody developments that ensue when an exotic dancer is sent to a hotel in rural Quebec in winter, this trilogy represents a high-water mark both for Canadian crime cinema and for post-modern international genre revisionism. In collaboration with film distributor Canadian International Pictures, we’re thrilled to present a revival engagement of all three films!

Co-presented with the Délégation générale du Québec à New York / Québec Government Office in New York.
Special thanks to David Marriott (Canadian International Pictures); Jean-Pierre Dion & Taylor Gaines (Québec Government Office in New York); Luke Rathborne; and Sean Price Williams.

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