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November 30 – December 4

For the last decade and a half, Anthology has been actively working towards photochemically preserving the complete filmography of Hollis Frampton. We began with his epic and influential HAPAX LEGOMENA cycle in 2009 and have since been tackling some of his lesser seen, but equally rigorous, avant-garde films.

This program brings together the films we’ve preserved across Frampton’s complex back catalog since 2014 (the last time we premiered a batch of our Frampton preservations). While these films are not all part of a single series à la HAPAX, this weekend of screenings instead aims to demonstrate the breadth of his formal investigations across his entire career, via new 16mm Anthology preservation prints.

“Hollis Frampton is unquestionably one of the most remarkable talents to have emerged within the context of independently produced cinema in this country. One might, in fact, say that his work introduces a new mode of syntax and grammar into filmic aesthetics. […] Frampton, a technician of particular excellence in photography is also, among our film makers, the most widely and deeply cultured, and his attempt to retrieve for his medium, the rigor and subtlety of those scientific and humanistic disciplines which compose his exceptionally interesting intellectual formation, represents something quite unique.” –Annette Michelson

These screenings are dedicated to the memory of Marion Faller (1941-2014).

All the films in this program have been preserved by Anthology Film Archives with support from the Estate of Hollis Frampton. Special thanks to Will Faller, Bill Brand (BB Optics), MoMA, and Denise Marques & Doug Ledin (FotoKem).

The screening of Program 1 on Thursday, November 30 and of Program 2 on Friday, December 1 will be introduced by Ken Eisenstein, an Assistant Professor in the Film/Media Studies Program at Bucknell University, whose research is centered on the American avant-garde film and whose 2016 dissertation was entitled “‘Disembering’: The Activity of the Archive in Hollis Frampton”.

The screenings of Program 1 & 3 on Saturday, December 2 will be introduced by Michael Zryd, an Associate Professor in the Department of Cinema and Media Arts at York University. Zryd edited “October Files: Hollis Frampton” (The MIT Press, 2022), while his new book “Hollis Frampton: Navigating the Infinite Cinema” was published in May by Columbia University Press. Ken Eisenstein will join Zryd for the introduction of Program 1 on Saturday.

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