Anthology Film Archives


July 21 – August 2

This past spring, Anthology organized a series that explored the filmic phenomenon of “documentary feedback”: films that have created a kind of non-fiction feedback loop by giving their subjects the opportunity to preview footage and then incorporating their responses into the works’ final form. Now we expand the frame dramatically to illustrate the many other ways that the concept of “feedback” has been manifested within the cinema. The films and videos presented here make use of various techniques – including video feedback, sonic feedback, and mirrors – to create visual or aural feedback loops. Other works engage with the theme in more theoretical, conceptual ways, by confronting performers with their own image, reflecting the audience back to itself, holding up a critical mirror to the normally hegemonic broadcast news media, and so on. One way or another, the artists featured here look beyond simplistic, one-way flows of information or expression. Instead they experiment with circular, reflective, or multi-directional orchestrations of images, sounds, and ideas, while also demonstrating how different technologies give rise to different opportunities for variation, analysis, and philosophical or aesthetic self-awareness.

This series is co-presented by Electronic Arts Intermix ( Special thanks to Rebecca Cleman & Karl McCool (EAI); as well as to Tyler Maxin (Blank Forms), and all the filmmakers.

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