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April 21 – April 24

“The Cinema of Gender Transgression: Trans Film” is an extensive, ongoing series exploring the ways in which cinema has intersected with the experiences, struggles, and ideas of transgender, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming lives and communities. Organized with the participation of a variety of guest curators, the series showcases contemporary films and videos that explore concepts related to gender transgression as well as films that have had historical resonance within and beyond these communities. 

Transgender and gender-nonconforming issues hold a more prominent place in the national conversation today than ever before, though gender transgression and the experiences of these individuals have always existed. This series aims to call attention to those films that dared to question gender norms in periods when even to broach the topic was considered controversial, and to provide a platform for the contemporary socio-political concerns of trans filmmakers and artists challenging the gender binary today. 

This installment encompasses four programs. Over the course of two screenings, “Disrupted by the Hand” will showcase a prolific range of films by Nazlı Dinçel, spanning 2011-18. In addition to these programs, we will present two memorable works of contemporary genre cinema: BORDER (2018), which will answer all the questions you’ve ever had about how trolls have sex, and SPLICE (2009), a science fiction horror film that demonstrates all the ways it can go wrong when you breed an alien and then put it in a dress.

“The Cinema of Gender Transgression” is organized by Angelo Madsen Minax and Joey Carducci.

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