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December 14 – December 21

Anthology closes out 2022 with screenings of a selection of masterpieces by Yasujiro Ozu, focusing in particular on those items in his filmography that are – explicitly or implicitly – reworkings of earlier films. Of course, Ozu’s entire body of work is marked by a constant revisiting of closely related themes, characters, and situations (not to mention the development of a unique visual style and approach to pacing). But nevertheless, certain of his films are especially closely connected, and find him revisiting and refining specific elements across different periods of his career. This is particularly true of two of his most acclaimed early films, I WAS BORN, BUT… (1932) and A STORY OF FLOATING WEEDS (1934), both of which Ozu remade in 1959, as GOOD MORNING and FLOATING WEEDS; as well as LATE SPRING (1949), which Ozu remade a decade later with LATE AUTUMN (1960). In December we’ll be presenting all of these works (alongside Essential Cinema screenings of THERE WAS A FATHER).

Special thanks to Brian Belovarac (Janus Films).

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