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January 1 – December 31

In an era of gay big-screen romances, Cable-TV Christmas movies, and prestige Oscar-bait, there’s no shortage of affirming content for homocathected cineastes. Recent years have seen an establishment of a “gay film canon” that pops up on streaming services during Pride month. But there are hundreds of stranger, darker, and more exhilarating films that often fall through the cracks. “Narrow Rooms” is a series that celebrates these weird gay films, historically ignored or derided but shared like viruses amongst lovers of edgy, unvarnished queer cinema. Taking its name from James Purdy’s twisted gay S&M Southern Gothic novel, “Narrow Rooms” is a celebration of film faggotry, gay villains, horny homos, and heterodoxy. After 12 years co-curating the acclaimed artist-selected Queer/Art/Film series and programming for mainstream LGBT film festivals, filmmaker and writer Adam Baran finally gets to pick his own favorite flicks for adventurous audiences at Anthology Film Archives, an institution that has celebrated edgy, shocking, groundbreaking gay cinema for over 50 years.

Curated and presented by Adam Baran, “Narrow Rooms” will continue throughout the summer and fall.

Special thanks to Molly Clarke, Joseph Despins, and Sarah Courtin.

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