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May 27 – June 2

When Anthology restored Lizzie Borden’s underground classic, BORN IN FLAMES, in 2016, we screened it alongside an archival 16mm print of her little-known, long-unscreened debut feature, the experimental documentary REGROUPING (1976), a fascinating film that shares with BORN IN FLAMES (1983) a profoundly innovative spirit and a deep commitment to transformational politics and social exploration. With its boldly unconventional form and its radically self-questioning approach to nonfiction cinema, Borden’s first film was a revelation and was soon thereafter reclaimed as a “lost feminist classic.” Now, six years later, it’s REGROUPING’s turn to take the spotlight, with a week of screenings of Anthology’s brand-new 16mm restoration. Alongside the new restoration we’ll present encore screenings of BORN IN FLAMES, as well as rare 35mm screenings of her equally accomplished follow-up, WORKING GIRLS (1986).

Lizzie Borden will be here in person for the Friday, May 27 screening of REGROUPING, the Saturday, May 28 screening of BORN IN FLAMES, the Sunday, May 29 screening of WORKING GIRLS, and the Monday, May 30 screening of REGROUPING. The following special guests will join her in conversation after each of those screenings:

REGROUPING (Fri, May 27): Ariel Dougherty
BORN IN FLAMES (Sat, May 28): DeeDee Halleck & Sabaah Folayan
WORKING GIRLS (Sun, May 29): Tracy Quan & Jo Weldon
REGROUPING (Mon, May 30): Jessica Dunn Rovinelli

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