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April 15 – April 21


Anthology is thrilled to host brand-new digital restorations of Paul Morrissey’s FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN (screening in 3D!) and BLOOD FOR DRACULA, in a week-long revival run. Filmed back-to-back at Rome’s famed Cinecittà studios, and featuring indelible performances by Udo Kier and Joe Dallesandro, these films feature unique takes on their respective legends, and represent a bizarre conjunction of Euro Horror, the spirit of Warhol’s Factory, and the sensibility of director Paul Morrissey.

Both films were marketed upon their initial release as ANDY WARHOL’S FRANKENSTEIN and ANDY WARHOL’S DRACULA, despite Warhol having little or nothing to do with their production. The authorship of the films has been further muddied by Italian filmmaker Antonio Margheriti’s credit as co-director for the Italian releases (an attribution most likely arranged in order to qualify the films as “Italian” for tax purposes). Nevertheless, it seems self-evident that they are predominantly the work of Morrissey, who had been, at the very least, a key collaborator in much of the filmic output of Warhol’s Factory, had achieved wider recognition for the trilogy comprising FLESH (1968), TRASH (1970), and HEAT (1972), and was soon to end his association with Warhol entirely.

Thanks to the efforts of the American Genre Film Archive, Severin Films, and Vinegar Syndrome, these cult classics have been digitally restored from the original negatives, and are as erotic and bloody as ever!

Special thanks to Brian Block and to Bret Berg (American Genre Film Archive).

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