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June 16 – June 29

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In November 2019, Anthology presented the most comprehensive retrospective to date devoted to the work of Holly Fisher, whose films range freely between the realms of documentary, essay film, personal meditations, and intricate juxtapositions of imagery and text. As a kind of sequel to the earlier retrospective, we’ll be focusing on Fisher’s work again this summer and fall, beginning with an online presentation pairing two brand-new films, OUT OF THE BLUE and SOFTSHOE FOR BARTOK, with an earlier film that has gained new relevance in the context of current events, DEAFENING SILENCE.

OUT OF THE BLUE is a typically thought-provoking and contemplative work constructed from seemingly disparate elements: imagery recorded from the window of a plane during her trans-Atlantic travels, diary-like footage, found imagery and sound, and onscreen texts. The result is a highly personal, open-ended meditation on the passage of time, historical trauma, and liminal physical and emotional spaces that embodies Fisher’s radically multilayered approach: she juxtaposes multiple layers of visual and aural materials not only to create a rich visual experience, but to bring into play a dizzying and cross-pollinating array of ideas. The soundtrack features composer Lois V Vierk’s long-form piece, “Words Fail Me,” a work inspired by Vierk’s experience as an eyewitness to the fall of the World Trade Center, twenty years ago.

DEAFENING SILENCE partakes of some of the same techniques to explore – firsthand as well as through the lens of the media – the sociopolitical situation in Myanmar/Burma in the early 2000s, and the oppression of the ethnic Karen population. The film features appearances from some of the same figures – such as Maung Zarni – who have been prominent commentators and witnesses during the more recent upheaval in Burma.

As a special bonus we’ll also present the brand-new short film, SOFTSHOE FOR BARTOK, a digital reimagining of Fisher’s 16mm film “s o f t s h o e” (1987).

In September we plan to host Holly Fisher in person for theatrical screenings of OUT OF THE BLUE, as well as her 2019 film, A QUESTION OF SUNLIGHT, which was made in response to the events of 9/11. Both films feature music by Lois V Vierk. Stay tuned for more info!

OUT OF THE BLUE, DEAFENING SILENCE and SOFTSHOE FOR BARTOK will be available to stream for free on Anthology’s Vimeo page from June 16-29; the direct links will be posted here soon.

Holly Fisher
2021, 90 min, digital. Music by Lois V Vierk.

Holly Fisher
2012, 120 min, digital

Holly Fisher
1987/2021, 22 min, 16mm-to-digital

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