Anthology Film Archives


June 15 – June 19

What better way to celebrate Anthology’s acquisition and installation of 3D Digital Cinema than with a series showcasing the filmmaker who in large part inspired the acquisition in the first place (both by the sheer brilliance of his work in this format, and by the more direct and perhaps effective method of applying sustained personal pressure): Ken Jacobs.

Few if any filmmakers over the past half-century can claim to rival Ken and his wife and collaborator Flo Jacobs’s devotion to exploring the capacity of the cinema to suggest, simulate, or evoke the sensation of three-dimensional depth. Their preoccupation with the illusion of depth in cinema has been in evidence since the 1960s, while 3D technology in particular has been a dominant part of their work for the past 25 years. Anthology paid tribute to their 3D video works in 2011, but as the technology of 3D projection changed, we had (until now) found ourselves unable to show many of their most recent efforts. With that unfortunate obstacle finally removed, we present this sequel to the earlier series, showcasing more than a dozen films made over the past seven years. These extraordinary works demonstrate the dizzying variety of approaches and perceptual adventures that they have conjured into being via the tools of digital 3D.

Unless otherwise noted, all film descriptions are by Ken Jacobs.

This series is presented alongside our premiere of the newly completed THE SKY SOCIALIST.

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