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September 17 – September 20

This series brings together three documentaries that celebrate the life and work of Audre Lorde, the self-described Black, lesbian, feminist, socialist, warrior, poet, mother. Lorde wrote, “From my membership in all of these groups I have learned that oppression and the intolerance of difference come in all shapes and sizes and colors and sexualities; and that among those of us who share the goals of liberation and a workable future for our children, there can be no hierarchies of oppression.” Through her poetry and activism, Lorde fought for the rights of the oppressed with an urgent and prophetic voice that remains inspiring and influential today, over 25 years after her death. These documentaries provide extraordinary glimpses of Lorde as a person, poet, and thinker. They are both an excellent introduction to her work and a rich resource for her longtime fans.

Special thanks to Carolyn Keogh; Lakshmi Subramanian; Eugene Lee (Third World Newsreel); Colleen O’Shea & Kristen Fitzpatrick (Women Make Movies); Dagmar Schultz; Sofia Varino; and the Audre Lorde Project.

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