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May 18 – May 22

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx, Anthology joins forces with the Goethe-Institut New York for a brief series comprising films that depict Marx himself or that explore his legacy. Though Marx himself has, surprisingly, rarely been given the full biopic treatment (though Raoul Peck’s THE YOUNG KARL MARX is a recent exception), numerous filmmakers and artists have paid tribute to him, or have grappled with his thought and its continuing relevancy. Focusing squarely on works that portray Marx himself or that make explicit reference to him, this series gathers together a varied group of films, including an East German children’s film that features Marx as a protagonist, several experimental non-fiction or essay films, and Ilan Ziv’s ambitious, six-part, five-hour-plus documentary series, CAPITALISM.

These screenings are co-presented with the Goethe-Institut New York, as part of the Marx Now program in celebration of Marx’s 200th birthday. In addition to the series here at Anthology, the Goethe-Institut New York will host a symposium with the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research on May 5 and 6, as well as screenings of Raoul Peck’s THE YOUNG KARL MARX (May 1) and Alexander Kluge’s NEWS FROM IDEOLOGICAL ANTIQUITY: MARX – EISENSTEIN – CAPITAL (May 13). For more details visit:

Special thanks to Sara Stevenson (Goethe-Institut New York); Antti Alanen & Tommi Partanen (KAVI – National Audiovisual Institute, Finland); Michael Blum; Anke Hahn & Diana Kluge (Deutsche Kinemathek); Jonathan Miller, Livia Bloom & Bob Hunter (Icarus Films); Alice Lea (LUX); Mark Lewis; Zachary Vanes (Video Data Bank); and Anna von Bagh.

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