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November 2 – November 3


Anthology welcomes German filmmaker Philip Scheffner for a weekend of screenings of three of his recent films – REVISION, AND-EK GHES…, and HAVARIE – all of which explore the (never more timely) themes of migration and the refugee experience. Both REVISION and AND-EK GHES… find Scheffner collaborating with Colorado Velcu, a Romanian émigré whom Scheffner encountered during the making of the former film, and who then became (along with his extended family) the co-director, star, and driving force behind AND-EK GHES…. Unified as the films are thematically, they represent three profoundly different approaches to depicting the subject of refugee life, culminating in the radically experimental HAVARIE, a sound collage that’s layered over a short video clip – slowed down to last 93 minutes – of a refugee boat adrift in the Mediterranean. Driven both by a passionate urge to explore (and humanize) some of the most troubling and intractable issues of the contemporary world and by a bold formal intelligence, Scheffner’s work deserves to be much better known in the U.S.

Philip Scheffner, will be here in person for all the screenings, alongside Colorado Velcu and Merle Kröger, the co-writer and producer of all three films!

Co-presented with the Goethe-Institut New York, which will host a reading on Wednesday, November 1 at 7:00, with Merle Kröger.

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