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February 17 – February 20

This November saw the passing of one of our greats – poet, novelist, monk, songwriter, and heart-melting baritone Leonard Cohen. To commemorate the death of our favorite ladies’ man, we present a series showcasing Cohen on the big screen: as subject, soundtrack, actor, and inspiration.

The filmmaker/anthropologist (and Cohen’s fellow tenant at the Chelsea Hotel) Harry Everett Smith was reported to have said to Cohen: “Leonard, I know a lot of people are congratulating you on the lyrics, but I want you to know, the tunes are really good.” Here we celebrate not only the well-known use of Cohen’s tunes in the likes of MCCABE AND MRS MILLER and BEWARE OF THE HOLY WHORE, but also the early film documents that show Cohen’s days as a poet and novelist in Canada before he took up song. Join us in celebrating the bard of darkness and saying, “So long, Leonard.”

This program is presented with invaluable support from the Quebec Government Office in New York.

Special thanks to Brian Belovarac (Janus Films), Jean-Pierre Dion (Quebec Government Office in New York), Jane Gutteridge & Johanne St-Amant (National Film Board of Canada), and Kristie Nakamura & Nicki Woods (WB).

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