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October 5 – December 14

“To be a child is to be a member of a social minority to which everyone has belonged. And yet, far from this endowing them with hallowed status, children today are increasingly under attack: they are enclosed and spatially squeezed; relentlessly tested at school; targeted by capitalism; patronized as technology-obsessed brats. THE INFINITE CHILD tells a different story: it highlights filmmakers – from avant-garde and activist directors to Direct Cinema legends – who have explored the freedom, defiance, illegibility, inner strength, and radicalism of children. These artists – sometimes lyrical, sometimes wonderfully maniacal – not only treat children as experimental spaces and with a tenderness that is lacking in more generic representations; they search for the enduring and liberating spirit of childhood on stage and in institutions such as art schools.” –Sukhdev Sandhu

Programmed by Sukhdev Sandhu.

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