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May 14 – May 17

For this weekend-long program, Anthology celebrates three of NYC’s most acclaimed and important avant-garde theater companies – Elevator Repair Service, Nature Theater of Oklahoma, and The Wooster Group – with screenings of several behind-the-scenes documentaries chronicling the creation of some of their most extraordinary productions. Taken together, the films demonstrate the astonishing creativity and inventiveness of these three companies in particular, as well as the craft of theater in general: the grindingly hard work, the endless repetition, the collaborative effort, the balance between spontaneity and discipline, and the mysterious relationship between onstage and off, all of which culminate in the heightened moment of live performance.

Very special thanks to Elevator Repair Service, the Nature Theater of Oklahoma, and The Wooster Group, and in particular to Shaun Irons & Lauren Petty, Pavol Liska & Kelly Copper, and Clay Hapaz.

Elevator Repair Service’s production THE SOUND AND THE FURY will be taking place at the Public Theater from May 14-June 13; for more info, visit:

Nature Theater of Oklahoma is currently working on Episodes 7, 8, and 9 of LIFE AND TIMES, all of which have been shot on video and will premiere sometime in the fall of 2015.

The Wooster Group will have two productions onstage at St. Ann’s Warehouse this spring: CRY, TROJANS! (Troilus & Cressida) will run March 24-April 19, and EARLY SHAKER SPIRITUALS will run April 23-May 4; for more info, visit:

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