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May 8 – May 10

Imagine a land where instead of talk shows, infomercials, and bad re-runs, late-night network television features the cinematheque of your dreams, with screenings of films from every corner of cinema history, including the most radically avant-garde films and videos, auteurist retrospectives, national surveys, and more. Where you can stumble home in the wee hours and switch on the TV to see works by Michael Snow, John Ford, Bela Tarr, and Sergei Paradjanov. And to make things even crazier, this pipe-dream of a program would explode conventional notions of film presentation by showcasing hours and hours of the complete rushes of various masterpieces, by running films backwards or at unusual speeds, and by mashing together movies, media fragments, and footage of political protests to create original collage films. Outlandish as all this may seem, there is such a land, and its name is Italy.

Created in 1988 by critic, director, and publisher Enrico Ghezzi and others, and still alive and well and invading people’s homes from midnight until early morning every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night, the television program ‘Fuori Orario, Cose (mai) viste’ [After Hours, Things (never) seen] is truly a case of the (self-proclaimed) lunatics occupying the asylum. Featuring idiosyncratic introductions by Ghezzi, and animated by a commitment to reflecting on a media-saturated culture, Fuorio Orario is a bastion of cinephilia – one that, thanks to its network-television platform, reaches audiences of a magnitude that repertory cinemas could only dream of.

This spring, Anthology invites Fuori Orario to bring its special form of movie madness into our halls. Bringing together rare gems of Italian underground cinema past and present, films created or produced by Fuori Orario itself, and two very special, once-in-a-lifetime presentations, this series is a tribute to Fuori Orario and to an approach to film culture that’s as creative, free, and inspired as the work it celebrates.

(some poor instructions for the use of illusions)
“Cinema it’s cinema, television it’s not television. Here resides the ‘to be or not to be’ of Fuori Orario. Things (never) seen and seen again, images are always the last and the next. Every image is an ‘over-impression’ with something else and with other images. To play with that is an endless game of fear and desire. About near nothing is our work, between foggish light and thin(g) transparency. Digital powder or analogical erosion, the act of seeing with no-one’s eyes. The magnificent obsession of space: a ten hour movie like a flash, a few frames in eternal repetition.” –Enrico Ghezzi

The series has been co-curated by Fuorio Orario representatives Enrico Ghezzi & Donatello Fumarola, who will be here in person!

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