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April 16 – April 19

400 years of training in the art of sudden death…unleashed at:

Since the dawn of time, man’s natural predator has been the ninja. Hiding in your shower, crouching behind your laptop, clinging to your back – the ninja is everywhere. What killed the dinosaurs? Ninja. What battles great white shark? Ninja. Who is buying flowers for your mom? Probably ninja. Ninja is not vampire! Ninja can be filmed! This year’s Old School Kung Fu Fest examines this crazy natural phenomena of ninja with 14 movies that show you this sneaky fighter where he cannot shoot throwing stars into your eyes: on the movie screen!

There are serious black-and-white ninjas in the original ninja films SHINOBI NO MONO PARTS 1 & 2 (1962 & 63), super-noir ninjas in 1965’s SAMURAI SPY, party-colored crazy ninjas from the go-go 1980s like AMERICAN NINJA 1 & 2, and then be entered, revenged, and dominated by Cannon’s essential ninja trilogy: ENTER THE NINJA, REVENGE OF THE NINJA, and NINJA III: THE DOMINATION. Watch brave Chinese people fight ninjas with their guts in Shaw Brothers movies like FIVE ELEMENT NINJAS where ninjas are wrapped in gold foil like baked potato! See ninjas fly on kites and battle Shaolin in DUEL TO THE DEATH! You must see all the ninjas! Because to fight ninja, first you must understand the heart of ninja.

WARNING: Do not be scared. Ninja are only in movie and cannot hurt you. They are not actually giant. Except in DUEL TO THE DEATH.

NOTICE: Sho Kosugi is meditating in a mist-filled temple built deep within an active volcano until mankind needs him once again.

Curated by Subway Cinema (, DUEL TO THE DEATH and FIVE ELEMENT NINJAS co-presented with the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in New York.

Screening materials provided by the American Genre Film Archive, Animeigo, Celestial Pictures, Fortune Star, Kino Lorber, Park Circus, Shochiku, and Toei. Special thanks to Jerry Ma (Epic Proportions), Dan Halstead, Keith Allison (Teleport City), and Crystal Orren (WellGo USA).

For more info, visit the Old School Kung Fu Fest 2015 website:

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