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Malastrana Film Series Presents: THE KILLER MUST KILL AGAIN!: GIALLO FEVER, PART 2

March 20 – March 29

Malastrana Film Series and Anthology Film Archives join forces once again, for a follow-up to the 2012 series GIALLO FEVER! Declared “long-overdue” by TimeOut NY and identified as “one of the greatest things to happen to New York City” by Screen Slate, GIALLO FEVER! was the first comprehensive tribute to the genre in the Big Apple. THE KILLER MUST KILL AGAIN! picks up where the first series left off, showcasing 11 classic and under-screened titles in rare 35mm prints coming from both the U.S and Europe! Part 2 expands this highly inventive genre to include Bava’s pioneering slasher BAY OF BLOOD, Giulio Questi’s pop art giallo DEATH LAID AN EGG, Sergio Martino’s classics TORSO and ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK, and rare Italian prints of Aldo Lado’s SHORT NIGHT OF GLASS DOLLS and Luigi Bazzoni’s FOOTPRINTS ON THE MOON, as well as early-80s Dario Argento (TENEBRAE, PHENOMENA) and one of Lucio Fulci’s very best (and most neglected) films, THE PSYCHIC.

What is Giallo? The term Giallo, literally “yellow” in Italian, originally referred to a series of crime novels with trademark yellow covers. Giallo, as a film genre of Italian thrillers that grew out of these pulp fictions starting in the mid-60s, became wildly popular in the 70s, then faded away in the early 80s. Giallo left a legacy of films often overlooked but widely influential on filmmakers such as Brian De Palma, Quentin Tarantino, and Darren Aronofsky. Apart from the signature blend of style and kitsch aesthetics, the genre features some of the most innovative scores ever created, by the likes of Ennio Morricone, Bruno Nicolai, Guido and Maurizio De Angelis, and Goblin.

Programmed by Alessio Giorgetti, Alessio Grana and Yunsun Chae (Malastrana Film Series).

 Special thanks to Laura Argento & Juan Del Valle (Cineteca Nazionale), Cassie Blake (Academy Film Archive), Sebastian Del Castillo (AGFA), Alba Gandolfo (Cineteca Griffith), Harry Guerro, Matt Jones (UNCSA Moving Image Archives), Alfredo Leone, Bill Lustig (Blue Underground), Judy Nicaud (Paramount), Rewind Film, Surf Film, and Fabio Troisi (Istituto Italiano di Cultura New York).

Unless otherwise noted, all films are shown in their English-language release versions.


Malastrana Film Series will also host two special midnight screenings of Umberto Lenzi's "PARANOIA" AKA "ORGASMO" at Nitehawk Cinema on March 27 & 28.

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