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February 13 – February 16


Anthology continues our cherished tradition of celeb(/denig)rating Valentine’s Day by presenting a toxic yet sublime pairing of two radically anti-romantic (and save for their tone, virtually identical) films: Maurice Pialat’s grueling, autobiographical study of a dysfunctional off-and-on relationship, WE WON’T GROW OLD TOGETHER, and Albert Brooks’s hilarious yet no less painful MODERN ROMANCE. Last year we added what is perhaps the masterpiece of dysfunctional relationship films: POSSESSION, Andrzej Zulawski’s batshit crazy depiction of an imploding marriage.

Now, perhaps growing sentimental with age (Anthology is, after all, middle-aged at 45 years old), we’ve decided to include a fourth film that functions as something of a reward for those who manage to run the Pialat/Brooks/Zulawski gauntlet: John Cassavetes’s messy, sometimes painful, but genuinely romantic classic, MINNIE AND MOSKOWITZ.

For all the bitter, resentful cynics out there, what better way to spend Valentine’s than with the strong medicine of a Pialat/Brooks/Zulawski triple-feature (with a MINNIE AND MOSKOWITZ chaser)? And for those couples who want to put their relationship to the ultimate test, here’s your chance – if you spend this weekend at Anthology and your relationship survives, you’ve truly found your life partner.

Thanks to Brian Block (Bleeding Light Film Group), Paul Ginsburg (Universal), Michael Horne & Christopher Lane (Sony), and Jacob Perlin (The Film Desk).

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