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August 29 – August 31

Anthology’s scintillating series IN THE FLESH explores the period affectionately known as ‘porno chic’ (1972-75), as well as the following decade or so when sexually explicit movies that emphasized stories, production, and acting were still shot on celluloid film. It was the most creative time in the adult film industry’s history, soon to be quelled by the arrival of video. Every screening features appearances by filmmakers, actors, or crew members, as well as critics, scholars, and other participants in or observers of this ‘Golden Age’ of adult cinema.

The fourth edition of IN THE FLESH brings together three bold, sexy comedies of the late 70s and early 80s, all of very different flavors. A 50s Hollywood parody, a cheeky detective yarn, and the adventures of a teenage letch may at first glance share little in common, but these X-rated tales are in fact all informed by their creators’ love of film. Ron Sullivan, arguably the premiere adult cinema director of the 80s, and Damon Christian, producer of some of the best sex comedies of the decade, pay winking homage to the backstage melodrama and private detective film noir genres from classic Hollywood cinema. Harley Mansfield, the odd man out with only one picture to his name, adopts tropes and characters from the rape-revenge films of the 70s and turns them on their ear, creating one of the most deliciously non-PC adult features you’ll ever see. Most importantly, amidst all the nods to mainstream films, this is a fiercely funny trio, packed with outrageous characters, snappy one-liners, and a warm sense of amusement that demonstrates a vast improvement in comic storytelling from the original ‘porno chic’ hit, DEEP THROAT.

Joining in the festivities are special guests and adult film superstars Eric Edwards and Sharon Mitchell, as well as the multi-talented filmmaker Damon Christian, who will share incredible stories of making some of the best adults-only comedies of the era.

Curated by Casey Scott. Special thanks to our sponsors Steven Morowitz (Distribpix) and Joe Rubin (Vinegar Syndrome).

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