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June 13 – June 15

Anthology’s groundbreaking series IN THE FLESH explores the period affectionately known as ‘porno chic’ (1972-85), when sexually explicit films mixed hardcore sex with top-notch production values and compelling stories. Every screening features appearances by filmmakers, performers, or crew members, as well as critics, scholars, and other participants in this ‘Golden Age’ of adult cinema.

IN THE FLESH continues in June with a special “Gay Pride” edition. Some of the finest classic adult films were made by gay men, bringing a distinctive personality and flair to campy comedies and poignant dramas. Chuck Vincent and the Amero Brothers are just a few examples of such directors, who often valued story, production value, and acting performance over sexual content, resulting in marvelous films with mainstream crossover potential. We are proud to present three of the best adult films made by gay men working in the straight adult film industry. All three screenings will be from archival 35mm prints and will feature once-in-a-lifetime cast and crew reunions, a perfect way to celebrate the films and the talented people who made them.

Curated by Casey Scott. Special thanks to Steven Morowitz and series-sponsor Distribpix. A very special thank you to Larry Revene for his continued support of the series.

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