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May 6 – June 24

In collaboration with The Artist’s Institute of Hunter College, Anthology presents a series of films by artist Pierre Huyghe. Part-gallery, part-think tank, The Artist’s Institute dedicates its programming to the work of a single artist for six-month ‘seasons.’ Huyghe is with the Institute from February 21-August 17, 2014.

“If the practice of Huyghe (b. 1962, Paris) were a metaphysical equation, it could read: what is = +/– growth. Huyghe infects matter with memory, whether in the melodic voice of Lucie Dolène, the invented customs of a new town, or the biotope of psychoactive plants, a roaming dog, and bees returning to their hive on a statue’s head. His somethings – expediently called ‘art’ – expose us to systems that grow and leak; they propel us beyond the known and towards what may be.

“For the eighth season of The Artist’s Institute, we are in a process of thinking with Huyghe, becoming sensitive to the varying intensities of spiders, temperatures, rat songs, lectures, pheromones, texts, and time together. This dynamic embodied experience puts us under the influence of human and inhuman forces, and of fictions that may, over time, seep into reality and de-script what we thought we knew.

“Suspending our need for a resolution, or even for an exhibition, we follow what emerges, day by day, from a basement beneath the street.” –Jenny Jaskey, Curator, The Artist’s Institute

PIERRE HUYGHE CINE-CLUB will conclude with a third program in July; full info will be available on our next printed calendar, and in mid-June at

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