Anthology Film Archives


February 7 – February 9

The oldest journal devoted to moving image works by artists, the Millennium Film Journal is celebrating its 35th year of publication with a series of programs at Anthology.

At this moment in time, moving images appear not only in multiple locations, but in different kinds of spaces, from huge outdoor public projections to the intimacy of the mobile phone. The moving image resides not only in a range of technologies but in different physical states, from the materiality of the filmstrip to the ephemerality of the data-cloud. Writers for the MFJ continue to document, analyze, historicize, track, and describe artists’ use of the moving image, wherever they appear, whatever form they adopt, and whatever time-frame they wish to explore, from the earliest days of the pre-cinematic into the possibly non-objective future.

The journal’s single commitment is to the cinema as an art form, not a product, and it continues to maintain the idealist – if aggressively naïve – position that artworks and products are separate and distinct species, even if some works are both. The journal reflects the changing interests of a field that is hard to pin down, functioning as a primary source for cultural historians and media archeologists, as well as an inspiration for artists. Issues over the years have included reviews, interviews, artist pages, manifestos, and historical, critical, and analytic texts, along with frame blowups, production stills, screen grabs, and diagrams. The MFJ is widely recognized as the voice of artists’ cinema.

Program 1 (Feb 7) will feature films discussed in the current issue of MFJ, the theme of which is “Since 78.” Program 2 (Feb 8) consists of films and filmmakers discussed in recent issues. We will also present three screenings of Nicolas Rey’s feature film DIFFERENTLY, MOLUSSIA, which is prominently discussed in the current issue as well.

The programs will be introduced by Grahame Weinbren, who has been an editor of the MFJ since 1987 and is currently managing editor.

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