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December 5 – December 8


Between the age of softcore sexploitation and today’s plethora of Internet porn was the period affectionately known as ‘porno chic’ (1972-75), when sexually explicit films mixed hardcore sex with top-notch production values and compelling stories. These films appealed to the raincoat crowd, adventurous couples, and even mainstream critics. While the moment of commercial acceptance of hardcore was brief, the films themselves continued to improve both aesthetically and technically during what is now known as the ‘Golden Age’ of adult cinema. This fleeting moment came to an abrupt end with the introduction of video which replaced 35mm and 16mm film production in the mid-‘80s. The adult film industry of the ‘70s and ‘80s was filled with talented filmmakers, artists, actors, and technicians learning their craft in a business that paid well and provided opportunities for creativity and experimentation within the loose parameters of what constituted a ‘skin flick’. Legitimate actors in search of challenging work (and a little fun) soon became X-rated superstars.

Over the years, home video has continued to introduce these films to new audiences, but very rarely are they screened in their original film formats for a theatrical audience. Anthology is proud to introduce a continuing series spotlighting the very best of adult cinema from the 1970s and 1980s, with every screening featuring appearances by special guests – filmmakers, performers, or crew members, as well as critics, scholars, and other participants in the ‘Golden Age’ of adult cinema.

This first installment includes four one-time-only screenings of a quartet of beloved X-rated classics from the library of Distribpix, the home of many of the best adult features shot in NYC during the ‘Golden Age’, all screening from 35mm prints and presented by guests who will provide revealing glimpses into the making of the films as well as the general adult film scene in New York.

Curated by Casey Scott. Very special thanks to Steven Morowitz (Distribpix) and Joe Rubin (Vinegar Syndrome). 

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