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December 12 – December 17


Last May Anthology welcomed the peripatetic film series OVERDUE, programmed by critics Nick Pinkerton and Nicolas Rapold, for a mini-retrospective devoted to neglected Hollywood auteur Delmer Daves, with a focus on his extraordinary 1940s & 50s Westerns and noirs. At the very end of the 50s, Daves made a sharp turn into lavish melodrama, and we’re thrilled to team up once again with Pinkerton and Rapold for this sequel to the earlier retro. This follow-up series will highlight the transitional film, THE HANGING TREE, and four of Daves’s remarkable, undervalued later films.

In olden times, back when people gave a damn, video stores would set aside certain movies on an altar to refined, idiosyncratic expertise called ‘Employee Picks’. In that spirit, Pinkerton and Rapold present their very own secret history of cinema – genre gems, misunderstood art, music movies – leading with torches of knowledge into the catacombs of culture.

“The virtues of Daves’s late romances are essentially the same as those of his adventure films: characters composed with the utmost integrity and respect; a gift for creating a detailed and convincing social background; and a strong, clear narrative style that allowed him to manage a large cast of characters and several simultaneous levels of dramatic events. –Dave Kehr, NEW YORK TIMES

Special thanks to Nicki Woods & Kristie Nakamura (WB Classics).

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