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September 6 – September 12

Based on the success of the Fall 2011 series GENMEX: RECENT FILMS FROM MEXICO, Anthology is partnering once again with Cinema Tropical and the Mexican Cultural Institute to present a series featuring some of the most inventive and cutting-edge filmmakers working in Mexico today.

Over the past decade an emerging generation of filmmakers in the country has produced an impressive and internationally-acclaimed body of work. Some of these filmmakers, such as Matías Meyer, Pedro González-Rubio, Eugenio Polgovsky, and Yulene Olaizola, have in a short time been able to create substantial bodies of work, each of them producing three, four, or, in the case of the exceedingly prolific Nicolás Pereda, seven feature films. Their ranks have been joined by others who have burst onto the scene more recently, with debut features and sophomore productions promising great things – including Kyzza Terrazas, Sebastián Hofmann, Natalia Beristáin, and Michel Franco, among others.

GENMEX: PART II will showcase some of the most exciting films made in Mexico since the first installment of the series (five of them NYC premieres), proving that this new wave of Mexican cinema is anything but a fleeting phenomenon!

As part of the series, Anthology will also be hosting the U.S. theatrical premiere run of Matías Meyer’s minimalist epic THE LAST CHRISTEROS / LOS ÚLTIMOS CRISTEROS (August 30-September 5).

Programmed by Carlos A. Gutiérrez, (Cinema Tropical).

Special thanks to all the filmmakers, and to María Elena Cabezut (Mexican Cultural Institute of New York), Estrella Araiza (Vendocine); Sandro Fiorin & Alex García (FiGa Films); Sandra Gómez & Jessy Vega (Interior XIII); Shinji Kitagawa (Nara International Film Festival); Aida LiPera & Lita Robinson (Visit Films); David Pike (BrinkVision); Juan Pablo Polo (Axolote Distribución); and Franka Schwabe (Bac Films).

Unless otherwise noted, all films are in Spanish with English subtitles.

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