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September 12 – September 30


As part of our 60th birthday celebration(s), and in tandem with a series spotlighting movies he has scored, we eagerly offer a John Zorn-curated selection of films with exemplary soundtracks that he considers to be among the towering examples of this under-appreciated art form. Celebrating the work of a gifted group of composers, some of whom have achieved acclaim (especially Bernard Herrmann, Ennio Morricone, and Henry Mancini), and others who are perhaps more obscure (Hans J. Salter, Perry Botkin, Jerry Fielding), Zorn’s selection demonstrates the sonorous spectrum of possibilities explored by these artists, and provides a fresh opportunity to consider these films from a very particular perspective, through the prism of their brilliant scores.

“This series was suggested by my dear friends at Anthology as a part of my 60th birthday celebration – a short selection of films that feature some of my favorite soundtracks. Following their guidance of choosing some known films, some unknown, some cult hits, some total obscurities, the selection is personal not definitive, and perhaps will act as a point of departure and inspire further exploration on your part. Some scores blend into the background, some jump out, and some are way better than the films they accompany – but all are fine examples of the many possibilities in what sadly has become a more and more conservative world, almost a dying art.” –John Zorn

All film descriptions by John Zorn!

Special thanks to Brian Belovarac (Janus Films), Chris Chouinard (Park Circus), Eric Di Bernardo (Rialto Pictures), Paul Ginsburg (Universal), Christopher Lane & Michael Horne (Sony), James Mockoski (American Zoetrope), Judy Nicaud (Paramount), and Stephen Parr (Oddball Film + Video).

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