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July 10 – July 21


For almost two weeks this July, Anthology turns the programming reins over to agnès b., famed fashion designer and passionate advocate of international avant-garde and art cinema, for a series showcasing some of the films she considers her most formative and beloved. Bringing together masterpieces – some widely acknowledged and others relatively neglected – from France, the UK, Italy, Czechoslovakia, and Japan, her selection adds up to a dreamy summer series, a chance to beat the heat with some of the pinnacles of 1950s-70s cinema.

“…born and raised in Versailles, where I received a classic education in humanities, I had little exposure to the culture (which was more to my taste!) of those who speak of life, of feelings, of desires in a freer and even rebellious way. Literature and contemporary films from different cultures opened other doors for me.
“All of the films that I have chosen are films I saw in my 20s and 30s. They taught me to appreciate other points of view, seen from a different angle, showing passion and the wounds, of every sort, that left their mark on me forever.” –agnès b.

Special thanks to agnès b., Chris Apple, Elodie Cazes, William Massey, Rebecca Reinhart. Thanks also to Benn Northover; Brian Belovarac (Janus Films); Eric di Bernardo (Rialto Pictures); Chris Chouinard (Park Circus); Dennis Doros & Amy Heller (Milestone Film & Video); Anoush Froundjian (eOne Entertainment); Paul Ginsburg (Universal); Judy Nicaud (Paramount); and Andrew Youdell (BFI).

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