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July 5 – July 7

On the occasion of a visit from Danni Zuvela, one of the co-directors of Australia’s avant-garde film collective, OtherFilm, we present special screenings of the surfer-themed experimental feature, PALM BEACH, a category-busting work from recently-deceased filmmaker Albie Thoms, one of the key figures in the Australian experimental film scene. And since we’ve long wanted to organize screenings of two seminal surf films – Kathryn Bigelow’s POINT BREAK and John Milius’s BIG WEDNESDAY – but needed an appropriately experimental pretext before pulling the trigger, we’re seizing the opportunity and making a weekend of it!

Special thanks to Danni Zuvela (OtherFilm), Linda Evans-Smith (WB), Ed Halter (Light Industry), Brett G. Sherris (Reel Entertainment, Inc), and Charles Slaats (National Film & Sound Archive, Australia).

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