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July 13 – July 22

Ten years ago, the Austrian Cultural Forum New York opened, in a striking, brilliantly-designed building by the vanguard architect Raimund Abraham (who was also responsible for the renovation of Anthology’s building in the late-80s). In the years since, the ACFNY has devoted itself to promoting Austrian culture, organizing exhibitions and events of such a high caliber that their impact has been felt well beyond the community of Austrian expats and devotees. To celebrate this momentous anniversary, the ACFNY invited Anthology, in partnership with the Diagonale Festival of Austrian Film, to select our nominees for the ten most accomplished and significant Austrian films produced since the Forum’s advent in 2002. Featuring fictional, documentary, and experimental films made by Austrian filmmakers in the last decade, the selection demonstrates the richness and sophistication of contemporary Austrian cinema, and includes both internationally acclaimed films (THE WHITE RIBBON, OUR DAILY BREAD, IMPORT EXPORT, LOURDES) and those which have had little or no exposure here in the US (such as Ruth Beckermann’s ZORRO’S BAR MITZWA or Gerhard Benedikt Friedl’s WOLFF VON AMERONGEN). Please join us for this celebration of an invaluable institution as well as an astonishing decade in Austrian cinema.

The 10th anniversary celebrations will kick off with an event at the Austrian Cultural Forum, a screening on Wednesday, July 11 of Wolfgang Gluck’s film ’38-VIENNA BEFORE THE FALL (1986), followed by an event at the Leo Baeck Institute on Thursday, July 12, featuring the film THE PORZELLANGASSEN BOYS, in the presence of the President of the Austrian National Council Barbara Prammer and legendary Hollywood producer and Viennale Film Festival President Eric Pleskow. For more details visit, and

Very special thanks to Andreas Stadler, Hannah Liko & Claudia Schabata (Austrian Cultural Forum New York), and Barbara Pichler (Diagonale), as well as to Brian Belovarac & Sarah Finklea (Janus), Livia Bloom (Icarus Films), Brigitta Burger-Utzer & Gerald Weber (Sixpack Film), LC Lim (7th Art Releasing), Michael Piaker (Sony Pictures Classics), Jessica Rosner (Palisades Tartan), and Brigitte Weich (Austrian Film Commission).

Unless otherwise noted, all films are in German with English subtitles.

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