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October 4 – October 10

The renowned, prolific, and masterful filmmaker Harun Farocki has garnered some richly-deserved attention in New York this fall, thanks to the exhibition “Harun Farocki: Images of War (at a Distance)”, at the Museum of Modern Art until January 2, 2012. To mark the occasion, and to take advantage of his presence in the City, we will be presenting a wide-ranging survey of his films, a generous selection from a body of work that has thus far spanned 45 years, more than 80 films, and a staggering variety of modes of filmmaking.

Farocki will be here in person for the screening on Tuesday, October 4.

“One of Germany’s most interesting independent filmmakers. Farocki combines the freewheeling imagination of Chris Marker with the rigor of Alexander Kluge, and his materialist approach to editing sound and image suggests both Fritz Lang and Robert Bresson.” –Jonathan Rosenbaum, CHICAGO READER

“Farocki’s films are a constant dialogue with images, with image making, and with the institutions that produce and circulate these images. … Central to his work is the insight that with the advent of the cinema, the world has become visible in a radically new way, with far-reaching consequences for all spheres of life…. In this sense, Farocki’s cinema is a meta-cinema, a cinema that sits on top of the cinema ‘as we know it’, and at the same time is underpinned by the cinema ‘as we have known it’.” –Thomas Elsaesser, SENSES OF CINEMA

This retrospective is co-presented by Greene Naftali Gallery and the Goethe-Institut New York. Special thanks to Harun Farocki, Matthias Rajmann (Harun Farocki Filmproduktion), Carol Greene & Alex Kitnick (Greene Naftali), Juliane Camfield (Goethe-Institut NY), Anne Morra, Kitty Cleary & Erica Papernik (MoMA), and Jay Sanders.

Farocki will also be appearing at the Museum of Modern Art on Monday, October 3; visit for more info. In addition, the Museum of the Moving Image will be screening VIDEOGRAMS OF A REVOLUTION, made by Farocki in collaboration with Andrei Ujica, on October 2. More info at

All film prints and video works, with the exception of IMAGES OF THE WORLD, IN COMPARISON, and WHAT FAROCKI TAUGHT, are courtesy of The Museum of Modern Art.


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