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August 12 – August 20

Last summer Anthology gave free rein to William Lustig – filmmaker (VIGILANTE, MANIAC, MANIAC COP) and founder of Blue Underground, the premiere DVD label devoted to marginal genre films – who marshaled his near-infinite knowledge of seventies Hollywood cinema to illuminate its hidden corners, selecting a line-up of dynamite but largely forgotten crime flicks, gangster films, and vigilante tales. That series was an embarrassment of riches, a celebration of a period that looks in retrospect like a genre-film paradise – but it was just the tip of the iceberg! Now Lustig is back to present a second dose of mayhem, featuring a focus on actors Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jan-Michael Vincent, a pair of terrifying docudramas, a couple star-studded European crime thrillers, and films by legendary directors Jack Cardiff and John Frankenheimer. This August it may be toasty outside, but at Anthology it’ll be scorching hot on-screen!

Special thanks to William Lustig, Larry Cohen, Jared Sapolin (Sony), Ross Klein (MGM), Caitlin Robertson (20th Century Fox), Brian Block (Criterion Pictures USA), Pat Doyen & Daniel Bish (George Eastman House), and Marilee Womack (Warner Bros).

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