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The Outer Boroughs on Film

July 9 – July 11

The Outer Boroughs on Film June 9–11 As New York City becomes increasingly decentralized, with much (though not all) of Manhattan transformed into a gentrified, homogenous, affluent playground, the greater part of the city’s vibrancy and identity have become more deeply rooted in its extremities, the outer boroughs of Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and even Staten Island. Each is a city-sized entity with an energy, diversity, and cultural and historical richness that few other independent cities can lay claim to. To celebrate the outer boroughs, we’re devoting a weekend to several programs of short and feature-length documentaries, most from the 70s and 80s, that focus on some of NYC’s most memorable neighborhoods, communities, shops, and individuals. While Manhattan may remain disproportionately represented on screen, these works demonstrate the beauty, drama, and vitality that exist throughout the city. Curated by Lauren Madow; special thanks to David Callahan & Elena Rossi-Snook (New York Library for the Performing Arts), Joy Holland (Brooklyn Public Library), Patrick Tarrant, Alexandra Cuesta, Hector Canonge, Barry Braverman, Ann-Carol Grossman, Bonnie Friedman, Ghislaine Hermanuz, Philip Maysles, Gary Weis, Alan Raymond, Herbert Danska, Frank Mouris & Caroline Ahlfors Mouris, Ryan Krivoshey (Cinema Guild), Roselly A. Torres Rojas (Third World Newsreel), and Russell Kummer (Broadway Video).

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