Anthology Film Archives


July 29 – September 30

In collaboration with the Austrian Cultural Forum NY, Anthology presents an ongoing series devoted to the intersection of Austrian literature and cinema, featuring films written by, adapted from, or even directed by renowned Austrian novelists, dramatists, poets, and other writers.
This calendar focuses on the work of Peter Handke, the renowned novelist who has collaborated on several projects with Wim Wenders (most famously, WINGS OF DESIRE), as well as directing several films of his own; Thomas Bernhard, one of the giants of modern Austrian literature and the subject of two films by avant-garde filmmaker Ferry Radax; and Friedrich Torberg, two of whose novels were adapted by Austrian filmmaker Wolfgang Glück, including the Academy-Award-winning ‘38 – AND THAT WAS VIENNA TOO.
Stay tuned for more AUSTRIAN WRITERS ON FILM screenings on future calendars!
Very special thanks to Andreas Stadler & Martin Rauchbauer (Austrian Cultural Forum), Ferry Radax & Felix Radax, Brigitta Burger-Utzer (Sixpack Films), Juliane Camfield (Goethe-Institut New York), Brian Belovarac (Janus Films), Sonja Hofmann (Satel Film), and May Haduong (Academy Film Archive).

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