Anthology Film Archives

Jonas Mekas, Artistic Director  

John Mhiripiri, Director
john AT anthologyfilmarchives DOT org

Robert A. Haller, Director Emeritus, Special Projects
robert AT anthologyfilmarchives DOT org

John Klacsmann, Archivist 
johnk AT anthologyfilmarchives DOT org

Sean Smalley, Associate Archivist
sean AT anthologyfilmarchives DOT org
Jed Rapfogel, Film Programmer
jed AT anthologyfilmarchives DOT org

Ava Tews, Director of PublicityMembership
ava AT anthologyfilmarchives DOT org

Kolbe Resnick, Head Theater Manager & Print Traffic 
kolbe AT anthologyfilmarchives DOT org

Wendy Dorsett, Director of Publications
wendy AT anthologyfilmarchives DOT org
Hannah Greenberg, Development Associate
hannah AT anthologyfilmarchives DOT org

Working and interning at Anthology Film Archives

Anthology maintains a regular roster of student and volunteer interns.  We hire new interns on an as-needed basis; positions generally become available at the start of school semesters and the summer break. Anthology is no longer accepting applications for winter/spring 2017.  Please check this page for future updates about summer.  (Applications/resumes submitted when we don't have an open call will not be reviewed.)

When positions are available (please refer to the paragraph above), we can accept resumes and cover letters directed to Bibi Loizzo: bibi AT anthologyfilmarchives DOT org.

Because of the volume received, we can no longer respond to each inquiry. When hiring, we review the resumes received and will contact candidates to schedule interviews.  It is not possible to confirm internships without an interview.  Anthology can supply letters of invitation – for grants, fellowships, etc – only after an internship has been confirmed.

Volunteers and interns generally work one day each week, Monday through Friday, from 11:00am-6:00pm.  Anthology cannot use volunteer help in the evenings or on weekends.  Internship commitments are for a minimum 3-4 months, equivalent to a school semester or summer.  It is possible to get school credit for your internship.

Interns assist with all aspects of Anthology’s day-to-day operations as a non-profit organization, movie theater, archive, and research library. Positions most often become available in our administrative office; to intern in the archive or research library applicants must be enrolled in or have completed a graduate program in the fields of moving image archiving or library science.