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September 21 – September 25

Filmmaker in person!

Since 1984, German filmmaker Heinz Emigholz has been at work on an ever-expanding project entitled PHOTOGRAPHY AND BEYOND, a series of formally rigorous studies of human creativity, documenting works of writing, design, and, in particular, architecture. Subtitling many of the films ARCHITECTURE AS AUTOBIOGRAPHY, Emigholz has devoted himself to cataloguing the work of architects including Louis Sullivan, Adolf Loos, Robert Maillart, Bruce Goff, and Rudolph Schindler.

This September, the Goethe-Institut New York will be mounting an exhibition (co-organized by the Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art, Berlin) entitled “The Formative Years”, featuring seven early Emigholz films in a site-specific video installation, and taking place at the Goethe-Institut Wyoming Building (5 East 3rd Street). In conjunction with this exhibition, Anthology presents seven programs surveying Emigholz’s later work, including most of the films in the PHOTOGRAPHY AND BEYOND series, along with the feature film THE HOLY BUNCH. And we are thrilled to welcome Emigholz himself, who will be here in person to discuss his work.

“Architecture projects space into this world. Cinematography translates that space into pictures projected in time. Cinema then is used in a completely new way: as a space to meditate on buildings.” –H.E.

Co-presented by the Goethe-Institut New York and the Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art; very special thanks to Heinz Emigholz, Juliane Camfield (Goethe-Institut), Stefanie Schulte Strathaus & Markus Ruff (Arsenal), and the German Federal Cultural Foundation/Bundeskulturstiftung.

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